When Retail Gets Tough, Get Tougher

Working in retail has its ups and downs as most of us may know. Some days tend to have more downs than ups though. So what do you do to get through days like that? For me I have to really take a step back, a deep breath or two, and remember that if I want to take care of myself I have to not let other people’s negativity weigh me down. Easier said than done right? Being in a retail position for the last four years has taught me so many things about patience, self discipline, time management, organization, and that you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you may try. One little mantra I have adapted for myself is; “Sometimes I am on top of the mountain, Sometimes the mountain is on top of me, but that is when I find out how strong I truly am”. So always remember that you are better than the negativity others may try to dump on you. I still struggle sometimes with this, as we all do especially when someone is just DETERMINED to bring you down because they themselves are miserable and as the old saying goes; “misery loves company”. I have to remind myself that they have their own battles they are going through so I smile and wish them the best. Sometimes people surprise me with a smile in return, sometimes they get more irate or mean with me but I can’t let that weigh on my heart. Life is just too short to be miserable about other people and let them ruin your good mood.

Food for thought…


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